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Chiara Peguiron

Chiara Peguiron - Consulente numismatico

She graduated with honors in Humanities in archeology, with a dissertation on ancient numismatics, she obtained the Postgraduate degree in Classical Archaeology with honors, at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. As a freelancer she played numismatic activities for cataloging and computerization of coins from the territory of Rome, working for over 10 years with the Special Commission for the Colosseum, the Roman National Museum and the archaeological area of Rome. She studied and cataloged the numismatic material of the Italic, Republican and Imperial numismatic collections of the National Archaeological Museum of Perugia and the Capitoline Museums. She has made lectures on the Greek and Roman Numismatica at the "University of Molise", during the academic years 2006-2008. She has taken part in European projects and the Institute of Product and Documentation Center (ICCD). In the field of preventive archeology, operating for over 10 years with the Archaeological Superintendency of Rome and Lazio. She has published several works of archaeological and numismatic character and at the time, along with other authors, is completing the sylloge nummorum graecorum of Perugia. In Moruzzi Numismatica she is actively involved in the numismatic catalog.

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